Reimagining plastic in South East Asia

It's not just plastic. It's a movement.

We offer the most trusted supply of recycled
plastic in Southeast Asia, ensuring transparency
from source to sample.

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Transforming Communities and Brands with Ocean-Stopped Plastic

Let's create a world where plastic waste is no longer a burden but a valuable resource, driving environmental and social sustainability.

Drive Double the Impact

Solve poverty and the plastic crisis with a product collaboration

We're a partner, not a supplier

Driving shared value and sustainability with our customers

Enhanced Traceability

Track the journey from source to sample to supply

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Driving Double the Impact

Together, we can solve the ocean plastic crisis and drive social upliftment.

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"62% of Consumers Expect Companies to Embrace Sustainability"

(Source: Accenture, "Global Consumer Pulse Research,")

Joining Forces for Impact

Exploring Collaboration Opportunities with Honest Ocean
Take the first step towards a more sustainable world. Join us today and be part of a thriving community dedicated to making a difference.
Unlock the potential of collaborative innovation and drive sustainable impact by creating a product out of ocean-stopped plastic.
Elevate your supply chain with ocean-stopped plastic: the most sustainable choice that has the biggest impact on saving our oceans.


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We're not your average supplier. We believe in shared value and meaningful collaboration. Join our movement and unleash the power of partnership. Together, we transcend the ordinary. We're more than a product – we redefine what's possible. Embrace the extraordinary. Choose us, and together we'll make an impact that goes far beyond plastic.

A new kind of plastics company

We're reimagining plastic in Southeast Asia. Join us in the movement, and elevate your brand with our honest story

A New Narritive

Transforming ocean-stopped plastic into meaningful products

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We're not just a business, we're a movement. We're not just a product, we're more than plastic.