Welcome to Honest Ocean

We’re a social enterprise on a mission to collect, clean, break down and recycle ocean-bound plastic waste, providing alternative blue circle economy material.

How we roll!

From sourcing the plastic waste to recycling it, we control every step of the supply chain process, allowing us to provide full traceability for our customers.

How Are We different!

We work with collection groups across Indonesia, empowering local committees through full time employment and reducing tons of waste hitting the ocean, everyday!

Why is this important?


By providing local communities with equipment and tools to collect plastic waste from the ocean, we’re cleaning up some of the world’s most polluted waters.


Employing local community Individuals to retrieve and sort ocean waste, we’re able to put a price on waste & give a sustainable full-time income to some of the 40% of Indonesians who can’t find permanent work.


A green economy is more important than ever and by reusing what’s already in our ecosystem, we’re able to provide large business with sustainable options.

Where we operate

We are currently based out of West Java, Indonesia where we collect and recycle locally. 

We are looking to set up in the Philippines and Vietnam within the next 4-5 years.

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