Our two founders, Tom & Angus, had a simple idea to turn the tide on ocean plastic waste in Indonesia. 

We started by looking into some of the worst affected areas by ocean plastic waste, such as Indonesia, and found that there was extremely poor infrastructure in place to combat the overflowing pollution.

We have concentrated on creating a closed loop 360 plastic supply chain, turning plastic waste into a commodity, whilst also educating and empowering local communities to help in the fight against ocean plastic waste.


Tom Jackson: Co-founder/ CEO

With a background in manufacturing, I was always interested in the sourcing and collection of materials that went into making products. 

 This interest led me to look into how we can create a sustainable waste management supply chain across Indonesia. It is our mission that Honest Ocean will provide accurate traceability of materials for its customers. 


Angus Fleming: Co-founder/ CFO

My background is in the Insurance industry and Property sector respectively working for and with multi-national corporations in the UK, South Africa and the US. With over 10 years’ experience, it became clear to me how sustainability was impacting the corporate world. 

Tom introduced me to the concept of Honest Ocean, and, excited by this opportunity, we began looking at the positive impact we could make for the environment, local communities and helping businesses adapt to an ever increasingly sustainable world. The Honest Ocean journey came to life.